Information for pregnant women

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Menstruation calendar

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Medications in pregnancy

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Calculation of body mass index

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Information on

Leaflet on TARMED scale of medical charges, which has been in force since 2004
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HPV vaccination for young persons

Cancer and genital warts. Protect yourself before you have sex for the first time!
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Non-invasive prenatal tests – NIPT

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Nutrition in pregnancy and breastfeeding

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Overview of explanations and possible fertility treatments.
Answers to frequently asked questions
Brochure of Fertility Clinic University Hospital Zürich (German and English).

Dairy products during pregnancy and breastfeeding

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Maternity – protection of female employees
Pregnant women and mothers are given special protection under the law. You can order from the Federal Administration on the site of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO a brochure or download this as PDF file explaining the legal regulations, in particular concerning health protection, continued payment of wages and protection against unlawful dismissal.

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Advice and critical information on prenatal diagnostics
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How do you bring your child into the world?

An information brochure on birth
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Further information is continuously supplemented.